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Ego System

For most of the year I’ve been toying with the idea of updating this blog. I’ve thought about changing the name, changing the perspective, changing the format. Many ideas have popped into my head, but none that clicked, none that made me feel this one is “it.”

I’ve vacillated between reading up on how to do it and paying for a class to teach me how to do it. Whether to take a blogging class from a blogger or at my local college. I’ve collected articles telling me how to increase traffic and interest in the blog. They are lined up in my inbox waiting to be read. Maybe I should just make myself pick up one of the two ‘blogging for dummies’ books that sit next to my desk and study them. A little more thoroughly.

One of the changes I considered was adding an “About Me” page. At first it sounded like a reasonable thing to do, but then I thought, isn’t that redundant? I mean, isn’t this whole blog an extended about me page? Granted a dynamic one versus a static one.

Ultimately I decided that until I had a firm idea of where I wanted to go with it, there was no sense in starting that journey. I set up this blog as a place to share and a place to connect from. It started out as an RA outreach platform, but I want it to be more than that. For we are more than our ailments.

I appreciate all my readers, all who stop by. And instead of reading up so much on blogging itself, I think I will spend more time reading and connecting with my blogging companions. I can learn more that way.


You come to me
Searing my body
Scorching my consciousness

I am held captive,
helpless against you
You are an insidious layer,
burrowing under my skin

I sense your blistering touch
Every nerve fiber cries out
Synapses fire and are on fire

The lightest touch makes me shiver
The merest movement makes me quiver
I lie languid, letting you overpower me
I am yours, you devour me

An exquisite torture
that travels down my body
inch by inch
cell by cell

There is no escape
There is no respite
All I can do is lie in wait

In wait
for you to leave
And never return
For you to cease and desist
That is my unfulfilled wish
Never to feel you again
Never have you touch me

I refuse your insolent caress
I will not let you have me!
I will not let you have me!
I will banish you
I will cast you out
Like the scourge that you are


the excruciating
Rheumatoid Arthritis

First posted under my pseudonym soledadpaz on March 14, 2011