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I’d been to this Miami mall countless times over the years. Always in a rush to get what I needed to do done. I’d never taken the time to smell the roses or even to look at the palm trees all around me. It wasn’t until one evening several years ago when my daughter-in-law snapped this picture as we were walking out of Carrabba’s after a family dinner.

When she showed me the picture as we were walking to our cars, I was immediately taken by it, having always had a great affinity for palm trees. They remind me of home, which sounds crazy because Miami has been my home for decades. I admired it and asked where she’d taken it. “Right here,” she said.

I stopped in my tracks and looked around me in awe. I compared what my eyes had seen all along and what the camera had seen at this moment. The setting sun appeared like the burning fire of desire that I always feel for days long past, and it seemed to magnify the magnificence of the tall, stately trees standing guard, as it were, all around us. I had never truly seen them. I had truly never felt them.

I asked her for the picture and she immediately sent it to me. She has never been to my home town in Texas, but her husband, my son, was born in that little town. A fluke of luck, a twist of fate.

Palm Tree

An old, old, old picture of me during a visit home.

Header photo credit: Blue Diamond Photography & Videography