I Don’t Want a Lot

I logged in to my Pandora music app and Ella Fitzgerald came on singing “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas.”

And I thought, wow, how time flies. I like to use music as therapy, as a guide down memory lane, as a soundtrack to my life in general. What a way to measure time, Christmas music right before April Fools’ Day. It brought me up short as to how much time had passed that I hadn’t needed to lean on Pandora.

Mariah Carey came on next (I had to finish listening to Ella’s beautiful voice) with “I Don’t Want a Lot For Christmas.”

I would shorten that to: I don’t want a lot. Peace, quiet, family, friends, music, the bright yellow orb in the cloudless sky, an ocean breeze every now and then, a place to write, books to read.


That is a lot!

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