I do these match-three games in bed on my iPad in the mornings. I usually lose so my five lives end quickly, but I’ve downloaded three of them, so there! I do them while I run through my exercises and stretches. A slipped disc has joined the party, slight they say, but boy, does it make itself felt sometimes.

So, I tap on the screen looking for things that look like each other while doing my knee-to-chest contortions, and double and single leg lifts. Letting my brain mull over the next chapter I’m working on. I like to write and revise in my head, which I later transcribe onto the screen.

I typically zone out while the ads come on, but this game promo caught my eye. I wasn’t sure I’d read it right, so I paid attention when it came on again. It said: I never knew anxiety till I played this game.


Is that reverse psychology or something? Isn’t the object of the game to relax and enjoy it? Are they playing with our minds or do they just think we’re dumb? Or maybe, maybe they just need an editor, in which case I suggest: I never knew (the end of) anxiety till I played this game.

Enjoy some John Lennon, with a touch of French. (Sorry England, Go France!)

2 thoughts on “Contortions

  1. phat50chick

    Nice to hear from you Irma. Sorry about the slipped disc. I make my first cup of coffee in the bedroom and do Wordle, Spelling Bee and the crossword mini over that cup of coffee. I like to get the brain going early. The body takes a little more time to warm up although I recently started some strength and conditioning classes two times per week which help me get moving early. Be well.

    1. Irma Post author

      Yes, my brain starts up really early, my body not so much. I don’t think I would ever have it the other way around, LOL! I was going to PT twice a week, but I’m such a homebody that I’d rather just exercise at home. Now, if I could have a trainer come over, that would be awesome, and expensive!


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