Daily Archives: November 27, 2015

Trees and Time

imageThis was the peaceful, serene scene I had the pleasure of enjoying yesterday for the better part of the day. Snuggled into a comfortable rocker on the ubiquitous front porch, I absorbed the quiet and the sounds of family.

Seems everywhere I go here, I am surrounded by trees. Tall, stately trees, whether fully dressed in spring and summer or partially denuded in fall and winter.

They are like a buffer between me and reality. A cushion of sorts. Insulation cocooning me, giving me a feeling of suspension, of limbo.

And I guess I am suspended between here and there. There being home and the familiar routine of my days.

Perhaps being on baby watch adds to the feeling of being in limbo. All is ready for his or her arrival. They opted not to know the sex and that adds to the feeling of suspense.

It also adds excitement. Will I have a new granddaughter or my first grandson? I’m dying to know, but I’m sure not as much as the mom. I well remember how these last days seem never-ending.

But as I linger in the breakfast nook looking across the wide expanse of yard, the trees remind me that time does move on, even as it seems to stand still.