Pokes Galore

I had my two-week BP follow-up last week. Like a good girl, I’ve been taking my Lisinopril every day, well, except for one day. I had a glass of wine and decided to skip it, but then I felt guilty for doing so. So I said, what the hay, I’ll have both if I feel like it. YOLO, right?

Doc asked me if I’d been taking my BP. He looked surprised when I said no. I don’t have a personal BP machine, nor do I plan to get one. It did cross my mind while I was at my “favorite” haunt, CVS, but I totally forgot to check it. I mean, why raise your blood pressure?

When he took it, I read 132/80. He was happy with that, but he wants to see me in three months. Which means I have to keep taking this little pink pill for three more months. And he wanted a slew of blood work, fasting. I usually stroll into the lab sometime in the early afternoon. This meant I had to get up early and go get bled before breakfast.

I’ve never been a morning person. I perk up around noon. The idea of rushing out of the house, sans breakfast, to go get needled wasn’t all that appetizing. It took me a few days to psyche myself up, and when I walked into the lab I knew why I go late in the day. It was packed to the rafters.

Two and a half hours it took for them to end up sticking me twice. That’s never happened to me. They always get it on the first try. But I was submissive and said nothing. No need to rattle the phlebotomist and cause her to stick me thrice.

What kept me calm was the ongoing thought that in a couple of days’ time there was going to be another needle introduced into a far more sensitive part of my body. I would have willingly taken a third needle to my right arm in place of that.

I knew two things when I walked into the ophthalmologist’s office. The sight in my right eye was better and I was going to get another shot.

The scan proved me correct. The blood settled by the retina was half gone. Vastly improved, but needing more treatment.

There was only one glitch. The cheaper drug he’d used before was not available, they’d ordered wrong or something. But, he had a sample of the designer drug, if I was of a mind. First, I asked if there was any difference in effect. They were essentially the same he said. It was a matter of dollars and cents for the pharmaceutical.

OK, how impacted would I be in the dollars and cents category? No impact at all, he said.

I mulled it over for a bit. We can order the other drug and you can come back, he said.

Did I need more anxious anticipation?

No. I’m here, prepped and ready I said. Just do it.

The immediate after effect was different. My eye was only slightly red, the sting was mild. I could open my eye, though it was sensitive to light.

I’d driven myself there figuring I’d sit in my car for a bit while the worst of it wore off, but I had no trouble driving home immediately after. I had almost no discomfort for the rest of the evening and night. The next day my eye was slightly pink and slightly sore, a result more than likely from the Betadine antiseptic. I used the artificial tears frequently and as he said, all was back to normal after a day.

The eye injection was definitely easier the second time around but I still don’t want to do it again, though I will probably have to. I did postpone the next appointment a few days past the four-week window as we won’t be in town. We plan to be in NYC celebrating our daughter’s 25th birthday. A quarter century. How did she get so old?

***YOLO = you only live once. I sincerely hope!


6 thoughts on “Pokes Galore

  1. Wren

    So glad the needle-sticks went so well–all three, actually. I’m used to the vampire at my VA lab having to stick me two or three times, routinely. I don’t mind unless they end up having to use the back of my hand. THAT I hate. OUCH!!

    That’s great news about your eye, too, Irma. And I’m happy for you that the second injection wasn’t as uncomfortable as the first. The last one will probably be a breeze!

    Have a great weekend! 😀

    1. Irma Post author

      The last one. Can’t wait for that day to come. I’m glad they’ve never had to use the back of my hand for blood draws, though it’s been used for IVs and yes, a big ouch factor with that.

  2. J.G. Chayko

    Thrilled to hear great news about the eye:-) I have faith that the blood pressure will get back to normal very soon. Have a fabulous time in New York. I was there four years ago to visit the resting place of my great-grandmother who was a vaudeville actress in the early 1900’s. Love that city. Be well and have fun.

  3. Carla Kienast

    Hi Irma: So glad the pokes went well. I’m a hard stick so I really celebrate when it’s a “one-poke” blood draw! And hopefully your vision will continue to improve which would be wonderful (especially as much as you like to read and everything you have going on in life). Unfortunately, having high blood pressure myself (controlled by medication), I am going to side with your doctor. You need to have a home blood pressure cuff (Omron is a good brand). It’s obvious right now that your blood pressure is being controlled by the medication, so unless you make lifestyle changes (diet/exercise, etc.) to keep it under control another way, you may be on the medication for a while. That’s one reason why you need to be able to monitor it at home, so ensure it stays under control when you come off the medication. What we don’t want is to see a post from you where you’re recovering from a stroke. We like having you around! Have a wonderful trip to NYC and congratulations on your daughter’s birthday.

    1. Irma Post author

      Thanks, Carla. I will have to see how my BP behaves, So far so good. I think we acted on time, not soon enough to save me some eyepokes, but at least there is a treatment for that.


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