Daily Archives: September 17, 2013

Fait Accompli


Well, I suppose I could undo this quilt, so it’s really not so fait accompli after all. The act of making it is presumably reversible. But it will remain an accomplished deed. Irreversible.

Sort of like life.

How many times do we say to ourselves, I wish I could do that over. Whatever it is we did.

Or: I should have done this, said that. Sometimes life gives us a second chance, but mostly not.

We have no choice but to go forward, and try not to look back. No regrets. Let hope lead us on. Toward that unknown horizon. Where sea and sky meet.

A line from the movie Out of Africa left echoes in my brain. It went something like this: Maybe the world was made round so we cannot see too far ahead.

That is good. Let tomorrow be forever a mystery.

A mystery occluding regrets.