The Old Lady in my Bones

The summer arrived, bringing a dry heat, a welcome ally to my sore stiff joints. I woke in the mornings with minimal stiffness, enjoying the balmy days with walking and swimming. The old lady withdrew into hibernation, leaving me free of her swelling inflammation. The days stretched out into sultry evenings and my energy improved; I was engaged in living my life and it was easy to forget to take my medication every day. The hot dry weather forced the old lady back into the dark cave from which she’d emerged, and I forgot about her stifling presence for a time.

I woke one night, feverish and sore; the weather had changed and a misty dawn greeted me with dense gray clouds layering the sky, reminding me of our cold and damp spring. I was listless; my movements were heavy in light of the swelling crowding into my joints, a…

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