Daily Archives: January 4, 2013

Conversation Without End

Once long ago, I saw a billboard coming home from Miami Beach. It was an ad for something, and it said: A conversation with a beginning and a middle, and no end.

Those words touched my very soul, for I felt lost then and needed a friend. One that would have that conversation with me, one without end.

Today, I feel I have achieved that interaction. I have started a conversation, with a beginning and a middle. Right here on this blog. I am truly grateful for all my readers, and am amazed that it’s getting hits from around the world. I am humbled that my voice can carry that far.  I want the conversation to continue as long as I am able to keep it going, without end.

And after much thought, I’ve decided that I will not change the name of this blog; I will only improve its presentation. I will continue to use it as a forum to write about RA in general and life in particular. There is much to share and discuss regarding this nemesis we must face every sunrise and every sunset. But, we shall meet it on our terms. Always.