My Love is Enclosed

So I missed a day on my self-imposed assignment to post daily. I may be wearing myself thin with all there is to do this month. Ironic since I’m also fighting the battle of the bulge or as it is sometimes called, middle-aged spread. In a way, I didn’t choose this month; fate chose it for me. It is my birthday month and I wanted to mark it somehow. It’s the end of a decade for me; then my age will no longer begin with a five, but a six.

I can’t believe I’m that old and I can’t believe Christmas is next week. It seemed so far away. But I’m on track, sort of, with my gift plans. Namely the blankets I’m making. Three are done and one was conceived of two days ago, an addition to my long list that bumps two others down the list.

And now, one of my sons asks me for a baby blanket for his friend who is having his fourth child. Luckily I already have one made, crocheted in white; I will add some pink trim for the new baby girl that is soon to be born.

Apparently, the oldest boy of this friend still has the blanket I made for him when he was born. Seems he won’t go anywhere without it and after six years it’s kind of raggedy, my son reports. Lo and behold, I still have the rest of the fleece fabric I made it from, a Winnie the Pooh print in white and blue. He will get a replacement blanket and since I can’t give to only two of the four, I will make a blanket for the other two children as well.

Therefore, in between the speed-making of an afghan in my older son’s alma mater colors, I will sneak off to Jo-Ann’s, my favorite fabric shop, for more fleece, and then steal some moments at my sewing machine to whip up two more little blankies.

It warms my heart to do this, to give away something I worked on, made with my own two hands. I’ve lost count of the number of quilts, afghans and fleece blankets I have given away. Some I remember distinctly and can visualize the making of still. These particular ones remain with me because of who their recipient was, is. Enmeshed within fabric, yarn and thread is my love, enclosed in each stitch.

Love to hear from you!

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