To Blog or Not To Blog

I follow Kristen Lamb’s Blog and a while back, she wrote a post titled “Would Hemingway Blog?” When I went back to refer to it for this entry, I was surprised to learn it was written back in September. Which means I read it back in September. I swear it feels like it was just yesterday, but obviously her words had staying power because that post remains in my subconscious.

Her answer to the question was a resounding yes, followed by three exclamation points. I admit my first reaction to the question was, no, Papa would not waste his time pursuing such activities when he had earth-shattering novels waiting to burst from him. But, she went on to explain how he did, in a way, by using his journalistic muscles to write “clean, strong prose.”

It made sense to me, yet I still can’t imagine Papa tweeting. Maybe it’s because I’ve yet to join the tweet bandwagon. I wanted to get the blogging thing down first.

At first it seemed like I was reaching. Could I do it? Could I write something worth reading? By others, I mean. Would anyone care about what I had to say? And what exactly did I want to say?

I chose to focus on my health, mainly as a therapeutic practice exercise. I figured it couldn’t hurt, and the audience would be small. I wouldn’t make too big a fool of myself!

At first, I looked forward to posting and then life sort of got in the way and I let this blog languish for a long while. Which, ironically, defeated the therapeutic intent I meant it to have, at least on myself.

Now, the more I think about Kristen’s words, the more convinced I am she is right. Blogging is a good thing. If only to strengthen your writing muscles or to instill some writing discipline. And then, there is also the icing on the cake: the connections you make and the people you hear back from. Sometimes weeks after you’ve posted a piece. The fact that someone will take the time to hunt back into your archives is definitely priceless. (Thank you, Alice)

I gave myself the task of posting every day this month in honor of my upcoming birthday. But, I’m beginning to think it may turn out to be a far more valuable gift than I intended. As I relearned today, time waits for no man, or woman. If I want to be a better writer, I better get to it.

This is supposedly how Hemingway's studio was, down to his Royal typewriter. I find it hard to believe he would leave it behind. I can't imagine being without my computer. Would Papa let go of his typewriter? Inquiring minds want to know.

This is supposedly how Hemingway’s studio was when he lived in Key West, down to his Royal typewriter. I find it hard to believe he would leave it behind. I can’t imagine being without my laptop. Would Papa let go of his typewriter? Inquiring minds want to know.

4 thoughts on “To Blog or Not To Blog

  1. Wren

    I, for one, am glad that you decided to start blogging, Irma. It really is a positive way to exercise your writing muscle–and scratch that always present itch to write, even when you can’t think of anything profound or important or particularly creative to say.

    And as one of your readers, I must say that I’m glad you’re here, sharing your thoughts about yourself and your life. It’s nice to discover and meet potential friends who really do understand what it’s like to live each day with rheuma. That she also loves to write is a really nice bonus!

    If I had Papa’s studio I’d probably never venture outside it. And of course, it was the “venturing” that gave him the experiences and material to apply his talent to. Someday I hope to visit Key West. Thanks for sharing your trip there!

    I hope this finds you feeling good, rested from the weekend and ready to tackle a new week.

    1. Irmai

      Thank you, Wren. I appreciate your wonderful comments. You should go to Key West someday. It is such a pleasant, low key, pun not intended, kind of place. Papa was an adventurer, it’s a wonder he had time to sit and write, but then he preferred to write standing up, according to legend. Take care, Wren. I hope you are doing well.


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