Green Bananas

Why is there a picture of bananas on a blog about Rheumatoid Arthritis? Maybe because I am bananas to think anyone will read it.

Maybe it’s because nutrition is so very important in the management of any disease process. And it is of prime importance in the maintenance of a healthy body. Our bodies are made to run like well-oiled machines, but sometimes that oil pan springs a leak.

Maybe because to me, yellow is the color of hope. And the color of sunshine. The sunshine that brings welcome warmth to our aching joints and lights up our day, bringing us out of the darkness whose name is pain.

Yellow is also the color for caution. As we move from stoplight to stoplight in our lives we must proceed with caution. It is what rules the life of someone with RA. We must take care not to overdo, for that invites the pain.

We must also take care to DO. Exercise and motion keeps those joints fluid. True for any body, more so to a body with RA. Use it or lose it could not be more applicable.

As I use this forum to share, connect and inform about my disease, I look for the color green. For green means go. I want to go. Go on with my life, go on with my future, the best way I know how, for me and for those whom I love and love me.

And no, no green bananas for me.

4 thoughts on “Green Bananas

  1. Lee Allen Hill

    The woman I love is an RA survivor. Not in the life-and-death sense, but in the life-and-life sense. She has survived years of debilitating pain, and come out the other side—all because she has so much to live for. And because she is stubborn, hard-nosed, smart and determined. You sound a lot like her. Good foor you. And good for all your readers. Tell it like it is. Tell it like it can be. I’m looking forward to more.

    1. irma52 Post author

      I like that reference, life-and-life sense. What lovely imagery. There is life after life, life with RA, that is. Yes, there is much to look forward to. RA pain is baggage I don’t particularly want to lug around. So, I won’t. How wonderful for the woman you love.

  2. Thrive with RA™

    Hi Irma, thanks for your post. I love the color references. I’m an artist and respond to visuals and symbolism, so thanks! Lee, I appreciate your life-and-life comment as well.

    I’m finding with my own RA that being more peaceful in my approach to thriving with RA, rather than raging against it is helpful in improving my symptoms and for quality of life. My nature is passionate approaches to things that are important to me, so I am in the process of learning to combine inherent determination with relaxation and stress reduction. I hope to master it sooner rather than later. 🙂

  3. irma52 Post author

    Thank you so much for your comment. I agree, when energy is at a premium, there is no sense in wasting it in raging. One will only lose. Better to meet the enemy and work around him. Not to let it best us. I also changed my approach to life and I found clinical remission, normal values, something I had almost given up hope for. Of course, that didn’t last long, but I look forward to getting back to where I was a few months ago. I exercise and practice Tai Chi. The endorphins are the best medicine money can buy!


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